Cumin Seed Indian spice
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Cumin Is Employed Often Whole And In Spice Mixes To Feature A Characteristic Smoky Note To Indian Dishes. It Are Often Known By Its Distinct Ridged Brown Seeds And Intense Fragrance. It’s Typically Confused With Fennel, Caraway, And Anise Seeds, However You’ll Tell The Distinction By Viewing Its Color (Brown, As Opposition Inexperienced Fennel) And Style (Smoky, As Opposition A Stronger Licorice Taste).

Cumin Is Best Used Freshly Ground For The Foremost Intense Flavor. One Issue To Stay In Mind Whereas Dry-roasting This Spice Is That It Burns Extremely Simply, And Burnt Cumin Tastes Terribly Bitter And Can Be Terribly Noticeable Your Dish. Toast This Spice Till Your Nose Simply Gets A Whiff Of Smoke And Fragrance (About Thirty Seconds Max), So Let It Cool Before Mixing Into Mixes.

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